Cookie policy

We’ll only ever use cookies and other similar technologies for the purposes set out in this policy and will never use them to inflate or alter the prices you see when searching on Traveloxy or to manipulate demand.

We use cookies and similar technologies when you use our services.
These cookies and similar technologies are controlled either by us directly or by third parties acting on our behalf. We use cookies when they are essential to deliver our services, to optimise and personalise the delivery of our services, to analyse and better understand the services and to deliver ads.

You can find out more about how to manage cookies and similar technologies below.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is placed on your device, via your web browser, at the request of the websites you visit or applications you use and which stores information on your device for a limited period of time. Some of the cookies we use are removed as soon you leave our site or app, because we don’t need to store this information between visits. By contrast, ‘persistent’ cookies enable our services or tags to recognise you when you make return visits to us, and automatically expire when they reach a specified expiry date unless you delete them earlier. Persistent cookies placed on your device by Traveloxy will never be stored for longer than 2 years from the date of your last visit. There are tools available to check the expiry date on cookies, and this functionality may be provided by your browser. We also use similar technologies referred to as ‘tags’. Tags are implemented on our services and are often used together with text cookies to enable information to be stored on, or transmitted to and from, the device you use to access Traveloxy. Tags are often referred to as ‘tracking pixels’ or ‘code snippets’.

In this policy we’ll collectively refer to all of these technologies as “Cookies”.

Who controls these Cookies?

The cookies and similar technologies on our services are controlled either by us directly or by third parties acting on our behalf. There are also some Cookies which we’ve implemented for advertising purposes that are controlled by independent third parties. You can find out more about these third parties and how to opt-out of their Cookies in the How can I withdraw my consent to the use of Cookies? section of this policy.

When you first access our services, we ask you to confirm if you’re ok with us using Cookies in line with this policy. If you don’t agree to our use of these technologies, or you change your mind at a later date, you can either withdraw your consent using the methods set out below or, alternatively, stop using our services.

When do we use Cookies?

Where they are essential in order to deliver our services
These Cookies are essential to the proper functioning of our services. Without them, Traveloxy wouldn’t work. For example, we use tags to record whether or not you go on to complete a booking with a travel supplier that you redirect from Traveloxy to complete a booking with, which is essential in order to enable us to ensure that the links between our platforms are working correctly and to identify and rectify any problems or errors. Cookies allow us to remember information that is essential to determining how your search results are displayed, such as your language and currency preferences. They also enable us to remember your search criteria – such as routes, dates and the number of travellers – as you move between pages and to pass this information to the travel suppliers that you redirect to from Traveloxy.

To optimise and personalise the delivery of our services
These Cookies are used to optimise and personalise your experience of the Traveloxy Services. Without them, Traveloxy would feel a lot less easy to use. For example, we use Cookies to recognise whether you are a first-time visitor or a return visitor and to tailor the presentation of the Traveloxy Services, such as by recalling your language and currency preferences or your most recent searches. These kind of Cookies are also used to recognise you when you access Traveloxy from different devices, to provide you with a consistent experience.

To analyse and better understand our services
We use Cookies to monitor, test, and understand more about how our services are used and accessed. This enables us to make important decisions about how best to develop or deliver our product to meet your needs.

More information

If you have any questions regarding this policy or would like more information about the cookies used on our websites, please contact us.